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Powerful stories, authentically told, remotely captured.

I create meaningful film content for charities and brands through an online production process, combining interviews recorded over Zoom with compelling edits, to tell stories that need to be heard. 

Save time and money

An entirely remote production with a quick turnaround.

Stories from the heart

Powerful stories, authentically told by the people that matter the most.

Sustainable filmmaking

No travel, no crew.

A greener approach to content creation.

All Videos

All Videos
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Suicide&Co Christmas Appeal

Suicide&Co Christmas Appeal

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Suicide&co App Release

Suicide&co App Release

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NACOA - Jen's story

NACOA - Jen's story

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NACOA - Addiction Awareness Week

NACOA - Addiction Awareness Week

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Affordable content made remotely

Films have become essential for brands and charities, but in this current climate they are becoming more and more difficult to afford. Screen Stories is a new way of storytelling for organisations looking for a time and budget-friendly way of driving a campaign. For clients such as Suicide&Co, Alcohol Change UK and Tanzania Development Trust, I have created engaging film content through online interviews to support their vital work.

Authentic stories from powerful conversations ​

Combining my experience conducting on-camera interviews with my seven years as a listening-volunteer at the Samaritans, my sensitivity and experience dealing with complex themes and ideas allows me to connect with participants on a deep, personal level. The setup creates a sense of intimacy and helps participants to open up whilst being able to stay in the comfort of their own home.

Films that are more than just interviews​

Once the interviews have been recorded, I use my ten years as a video editor and graphic designer to to build a compelling narrative to drive fundraising campaigns, promote products and partnerships and connect with beneficiaries. Screen Stories have successfully been used across social media and websites, as well as at conferences and events to help connect people to important causes.

Amelia Wrighton, CEO, Suicide&Co

"The whole process has been fantastic and seamless. Andy's attitude to the work is brilliant and so professional. For a busy small team he worked on his own but consulted when necessary which is exactly what we needed! Couldn't recommend Andy highly enough!"
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